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Rising Lights 2024

1. What is Rising Lights?


Creative Crowd Community has partnered with B Young & All Nighter Studios to present Rising Lights, an immersive workshop designed to empower and inspire six young artists aged 18-24 in Newham and Hackney Boroughs. Scheduled from Mon - Sun April 1st to 7th 2024, between 10am and 3pm, this is a 7-day creative development program will be led by seasoned producers, and industry members including B Young, Kenny Allstar, Finesse Foreva, and Kaiya Milan.


Participants will receive guidance, mentorship, and the chance to collaborate with industry professionals. The winning artist, chosen by mentors, will sign with Gametime Music, receive a music video, have their music played on the radio, and win 10 free hours of studio time.

2. When and Where?

The workshop takes place from Mon - Sun April 1st to 7th 2024, between 10am and 3pm at All Nighter Studios, 60c North Woolwich Road, London, E16 2AA.


3. Who Can Apply and What Are We Looking For?


We are seeking artists aged 18-24 who are facing creative limitations and produce Black music genres such as grime, rap, hip-hop, R&B, and soul. 

Applicants must live in Newham, Tower Hamlets, or Hackney borough.

We welcome artists from diverse backgrounds and aim for a 50%+ male, female, and/or LGBTQ+ representation.

We are looking for artists to develop creative skills, build production knowledge, and enhance their networks.

4. What Does the Project Consist Of?

The project involves a 7-day intensive workshop for six underrepresented music artists, with morning and afternoon sessions. Artists collaborate with different participants to experience various music-making approaches and genres, enhancing their critical ear. Mentors, producers, and beat creators guide artists in daily sessions, broadening their skills and knowledge. Each artist produces four songs, three solo and one collaboration, showcased to industry creatives and a live audience.


5. Who Will Be Supporting This Project?


All Nighter Studios generously provides the venue for this workshop. Additionally, notable sponsors like Popeyes and Fireaway Pizza contribute to the project's success. Accomplished producers, including E Double B, Stevie B Beats, TR Beats, and industry figures such as B Young, Kenny Allstar, Finesse Foreva & Kaiya Milan, and more, will actively mentor and provide valuable feedback.


The winning artist, selected on Sunday, will have the opportunity to learn with these industry professionals and receive guidance throughout the workshop.

6. What's in It for the Artist?

Artists receive advice, feedback, studio time, and work with top producers. Expenses, including food and travel, are covered. Artists gain skills, vocal performance practice, confidence, new networks, and industry insights. The winner gets a free music video, a release on Gametime Music (B Young's Label), 10 hours of studio time, and their song played on radio


On the seventh and final day of the workshop, Mon - Sun April 1st to 7th 2024, between 10am and 3pm, we will present a captivating showcase of their music before a distinguished panel of industry figures, followed by an insightful Q&A session with a live audience. If you or someone you know is interested in this extraordinary opportunity, don't hesitate—click the 'Apply Now' button or share this with someone who can truly benefit.

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